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Year: 1966 // Austria

One of VALIE EXPORT´s first films is a brief and matter-of-fact treatment of lust .....

Director: Dariusz Kowalski
Year: 2004

The main topic of the video work ORTEM is the metro´s traffic system, which creates a specific space and perception situation via its underground architecture .....

Oswald Wiener
Year: 1985 // Austria

In her characteristically pithy artistic manner, VALIE EXPORT portrays Austrian Oswald Wiener as an internationally famous writer and private personality .....

Director: Markus Scherer
Year: 2013 // Austria

Markus Scherer´s four-minute film O .....

Our Balance of Performance
Director: Anna Kowalska, Mikki Muhr, Ulrike Müller
Year: 2001 // Austria

A card game on a table covered with green felt is presented as a comment on the current Austrian right-wing governmentŽs policies dealing with families .....

Our Trip to Africa
Director: Peter Kubelka
Year: 1966 // Austria

A documentary in my view is a poem .....

Outer Space
Director: Peter Tscherkassky
Year: 1999 // Austria

A woman, terrorized by an invisible and aggressive force, is also exposed to the audience’s gaze, a prisoner in two senses .....

Out of Time
Director: Harald Friedl
Year: 2006 // Austria

In a Europe, where econimic prudence is becoming the rule, where "big" either eclipses or absorbs "small", "traditional" "Mom & Pop" shops are vanishing at an alarming rate .....

Director: Ben Pointeker
Year: 1999 // AustriaDenmark

Overfart is a disembodied passage through a landscape which is inaccessible to humans, a landscape which is not a part of nature but an intellectual construct: In its artificiality, this work refers to Early-Romantic landscape painting­especially that of C .....

Director: Dietmar Brehm
Year: 2002 // Austria

First, a blue light bulb, then a phone can be heard ringing, frantically bodies (parts of them) seem to sexually harass each other .....

  40 Movies found // Page: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |