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12 Explosions
Director: Johann Lurf
Year: 2008 // Austria

In the sound-chapter of his Theory of Film, Siegfried Kracauer writes: "Supposing shrill screams or the blasts of an explosion are synchronized with images of their source and/or its environment: much as they will leave their imprint on the spectator´s mind, it is unlikely that they will prevent him from taking in the images .....

1/57 Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test)
Director: Kurt Kren
Year: 1957 // Austria

1/57 Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test) The word test stands at the beginning of Kren´s Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test), which is really a kind of endurance test which Kren poses to the film material and to the eye .....

60 Elephants. Episodes of a Theory.
Director: Michael Klein, Sasha Pirker
Year: 2018 // AustriaFrance

Yona Friedman´s architectural and urbanistic theories are famous, starting with those of "self-planning" .....

Earth´s Golden Playground
Director: Andreas Horvath
Year: 2013 // AustriaCanada

As is well known, realism depends on detail that can however be unimportant for the narrative .....

East Africa
Director: Dietmar Brehm
Year: 1993 // Austria


East Man
Director: Christian Neubacher
Year: 2009 // Austria

East Man is a projectionist´s movie .....

Director: Ruth Beckermann
Year: 1996 // Austria

White-tiled rooms, neon lighting, on the walls black and white photographs documenting the atrocities committed by the german Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front in WW2 .....

Ece (Mozart Minute 19)
Director: Songül Boyraz
Year: 2006 // Austria

Silence Ece sits at a piano .....

Director: Dietmar Brehm
Year: 2004 // Austria

Echo-Echo is a recycled film which uses scenes left over from a few films I made over the past seven years .....

Director: Michael Ramsauer
Year: 2005 // Austria

Night .....

  58 Movies found // Page: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |