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Rising // 2018

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Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber

Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber is a videoartist, author and performer. His work is centered around body hierarchies, their deconstruction and the body horror subgenre and its subversive potentials.
Besides many queer- and pornfilmfestivals his films have been shown at the Diagonale in Graz and Tanzquartier in Vienna. Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber studies Fashion & Styles at the Academy of Fine Arts and Language Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

2015: The RattleWreckSplatterGrindMassacre (13min, Video)
2016: Vivien.Love. (14min, Video)
2016: Sozial Machine (7min, Video)
2018: Inside My Beatiful Friends (73min, Video)
2018: A Passivist Manifesto (3min, Video)
2018: Rising (4min, Video)

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