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A Tropical House // 2015
Tower House // 2013

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Karl-Heinz Klopf

Born:1956 in not specified

by David Schreyer
Born in Linz (1956), lives in Vienna, studied at the University for Artistic and Industrial Design. The main concern of his artistic practise is constructed environments and urban spheres.


Videography (selection):A Tropical House (2015) HD, Stereo, 51 min / Tower House (2013), HD, Stereo, 60 min / Plan (2011), HD, Stereo, 30 min / They (2010), HD, Stereo, 35 min, Preis für beste Kurzdokumentation, Diagonale 11, Graz / 60 Sekunden in den Farben meines Hemdes (2006), Computer generiert, Mono, 1 min / By Way of Display (2003), DV, Stereo, 37 min, Preis der 6. Medien und Architektur Biennale Graz 2003 / Fake a City-Sell a City (2002), DV, Stereo, 4:20 min / Studio (2000), Computeranimation, Stereo, 8 min / Environments (1998), S-VHS, stereo, 86 min / Splace (1996), S-VHS, Stereo, 63 min /

Exhibitions (selection):
Loos. Zeitgenössisch, MAK, Wien; Athur Ross Gallery at Columbia University, New York (2013)
Big Blackboard: Beijing, CU Space, Peking (2010 / Einzelausstellung)
City States, Liverpool Biennale (2010)
From/To, Landesgalerie Linz (2006/07 / Einzelausstellung)
Postmediale Kondition, Neue Galerie Graz; MediaLab Madrid (2006 / mit Sigrid Kurz)
Wayward Economy, Main Trend Gallery, Taipeh (2005)
Istanbul, 9. Internationale Istanbul Biennale (2005)
By Way of Display, Galerie Grita Insam, Wien (2003/04 / Einzelausstellung)
Sight.Seeing, 4. Österreichische Triennale zur Fotografie, Graz (2002/03)
Cities on the Move, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Dänemark; Hayward Gallery, London (1999);
capc, Bordeaux; PS1, New York (1998); Secession, Wien (1997) Planen, Secession, Wien (1993 / Einzelausstellung)
Conceilings, Austrian Cultural Institute, New York (1992 / Einzelausstellung)

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