original titleAderlass
English Title Blood-Letting

Available Prints
16 mm | 1:1,33 | | | 24 fps
Technical Data
Country: Austria
Language:no dialogue
Length: 11:00 min

Director: Peter Tscherkassky
Actor/Actress: Armin Schmickl
Production: Peter Tscherkassky
Aderlass is a youthful attempt to process the inheritance of the Vienna Actionists using a Super-8 camera. A performance is staged in front of the camera by Armin Schmickl Sebastiano. (Peter Tscherkassky)

A game with light and sound that explodes from a state of serenity into an ecstasy of movement, ultimately gliding back into immobility with the “blood-letting”. (Irene Judmayer)

Reckless, raw, and highly personal, in Aderlass Tscherkassky charges forward. (Alexander Horwarth)
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