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Titel:     Man & Woman & Animal
Director     VALIE EXPORT
  original titel:
Mann & Frau & Animal
Year: von 1970 - 1973
Country: Austria
Length: 08:00 min
Premiere: no data
Medium: Film
Category: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig lang.: not specified
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Man & Woman & Animal
Instead of the holy trinity: father, son, holy spirit, instead of the profane trinity: mother, family, state, instead of the social trinity: father, mother, children the film treats the real trilogy in 3 sections. What unites man and woman (not uniquely for sure, but what is being concealed) is the history of nature.


The earlier films of Valie Export, one feels, were motivated by the authorĀ“s desire and needs to investigate her own subjectivity, with the audience as a necessary part of the transference and polemic. Man & Woman & Animal shows a woman finding pleasure in herself, the whole film a kind of assertion and affirmation of female sexuality and its independence from male values and pleasures. Thinking about my "quite erotic" tag of that film I realize that as a viewer I am experiencing a sexuality like that of childhood - one motivated by curiosity, a prosaic pleasure in looking, but free from fantasy. It is quite unlike the experience of ordinary pornography which is invested with the erotic almost exclusively through its symbolization of power.

(Joanna Kiernan)

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