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Titel:     The Sinking of Titania
Director     Mara Mattuschka
  original titel:
Der Untergang der Titania
Year: 1985
Country: Austria
Length: 04:00 min
Premiere: no data
Medium: Film
Category: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig lang.: german
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Titania, a clumsy adolescent, sits in the tub, on the top of the plug-hole, the entrance to a murky world fuill of filth, bugs and hazards, which connents her to all the ass-holes in the world. Elements of this world now hover like Ghosts on the surrounding tiles, while Mimi Minus ruminates on the impossibility of love.

(Peter Tscherkassky)

"Nobody understands love better than a woman, who enjoys it for the last time."

(Mara Mattuschka)

Mattuschka´s short films are fragmentary and heterogeneous in two senses. Firstly because of the animated images´ halting movement, and secondly due to their mixture of various artistic techniques. In The Sinking of Titania, in which a live-action stop-motion sequence of Titania (Mattuschka) taking a bath is combined with hand-drawn animation, the collage aesthetic is particularly striking. Peculiar little men and devils frolic on the tiles and in the tub, apparently products of the woman´s imagination. These fantasies revolve around the drain, which provides a link to excretions from other bodies.

(Christa Blümlinger)

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