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Titel:     44/85 Foot´-age shoot´-out
Director     Kurt Kren
  original titel:
44/85 Foot´-age shoot´-out
Year: 1985
Country: Austria
Length: 02:45 min
Premiere: no data
Medium: Film
Category: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig lang.: no dialogue
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It became easier to understand Kren´s method of approaching film when he illustrated his matter-of-factness with a story: he was asked to shoot and deliver a film, for a festival, given four day´s notice, which he did (foot´-age shoot´-out). He normally takes a long time with a film, this one he terms a "rape." He removed his name and copyright from the piece. "Probably my last film." I asked whether he´d ever seen a print. "Yes, it´s great," he replied...

(April Rapier)

Finally there follow last despairing messages, 42/83 No Film, 43/84 1984 and 44/85 Foot’-age shoot’-out. The latter is accompanied by Morricone’s The Man with the Harmonica¬ – in German the song is entitled “Lied vom Tod”, which translates as “Song of Death”. These are films made by a museum security guard who finds himself living in a one-room apartment in the deep South of the USA, without hope for anything even vaguely resembling the prospect of a better future.

(Peter Tscherkassky)

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