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Titel:     more than everything
Regie     Rainer Kohlberger
  original titel:
more than everything
Jahr: 2018
Land: Germany
Länge: 12:40 min
Premiere: 2018 /
Medientyp: Digital Media
Kategorie: Avantgarde/Kunst
Orig.Spr.: Kein Dialog
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SHOW & TELL: Rainer Kohlberger at Anthology Film Archive (Text)
SHOW & TELL on oct 24th:
Rainer Kohlberger at Anthology Film Archive

program note:
Though Austrian-bred, Berlin-based artist Rainer Kohlberger has been active only for the past decade, his work is so assured, perceptually challenging, and visually overwhelming that he´s become one of the leading lights of the new generation of experimental mo .....

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