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Titel:     26/71 Cartoon - Balzac and the Eye of God
Director     Kurt Kren
  original titel:
26/71 Zeichenfilm - Balzac und das Auge Gottes
Year: 1971
Country: Austria
Length: 00:33 min
Premiere: no data
Medium: Film
Category: Animation/Direct Film
Orig lang.: no dialogue
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26/71 Cartoon - Balzac and the Eye of God
Zeichenfilm - Balzac oder das Auge Gottes is a play on the idea of trick film. And trick film it is. The 30-second work is shown twice in case the viewer missed something the first time: in crude hand-drawn animation Zeichenfilm ... evokes the scatological sado-masochistic actions and performances of Otto Muehl and Günter Brus which Kren filmed during his second period. In Zeichenfilm Balzac a male figure hangs himself, achieves a monstrous erection and ejaculates into a woman´s mouth. She in turn hangs herself; he enters her vaginally then anally. Finally, she defecates on the left side of the frame wherein appears an eye of God while on the right in a cartoon box the words "Aber Otto" ("But Otto") materialize, a comic reference to Otto Muehl.

(Regina Cornwell, The Other Side: European Avant-Garde Cinema 1960-1980)

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