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Titel:     Ticino
Director     Friedl vom Gröller
  original titel:
Year: 2017
Country: Austria
Length: 03:00 min
Premiere: /
Medium: Film
Category: experimental
Orig lang.: no dialogue
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The Ticino is a beautiful river originating in the Swiss mountains, and it meanders through the Po Valley. The two youths Ivon and Sango live in Pavia, not far from the river. The sculptures were also shaped directly by the life of the river, much as the recently deceased Mr. Chiodi through whom I inherited them.

These objects reminded me of Franz West´s Adaptives, sculptures which West invited viewers to use as they pleased. I gave Ivon and Sango the same directorial instruction.

The multifaceted nature of each individual object triggers an abundance of associations which seldom can be reached by arbitrary arrangements. (Friedl vom Gröller)

Two children on the brink of puberty, on the Italian shore of the river Ticino: frontal close-ups of their faces and fluid sculptures that reflect the river´s vacillating course. In grainy black-and-white, Friedl vom Gröller captures the visual impact of people, objects, and landscapes; the beauty of the movement of bodies and light. Ephemeral moments in which the flow of time becomes manifest. (Diagonale 2018, Michelle Koch)

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