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Titel:     The Exquisite Corpus
Regie     Peter Tscherkassky
  original titel:
The Exquisite Corpus
Jahr: 2015
Land: Austria
Länge: 19:00 min
Premiere: /
Medientyp: Film
Kategorie: Avantgarde/Kunst
Orig.Spr.: Kein Dialog
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Cannes 2015 by Daniel Kasman (Text)
Cannes 2015. Day 10
Written by Daniel Kasman
Published on 25 May 2015

Trying to capture global trends in contemporary filmmaking by drawing thematic connections between films at the same festival has long been a hackneyed technique that little understands the variable pathways it takes for a film to get made and eventuall .....
El cuarto oscuro de Tscherkassky by Daniel Domínguez (Text)
Entrevista hecha por Stéphane Delorme en Cannes, el 22 de mayo, para Cahiers du Cinéma, Julio-Agosto, 2015. (Interview)
Cahier du Cinema (Artikel)
Little Big Man (Artikel)
Night Award / Signes de Nuit Bangkok / Jury-statement (Preis (Auszeichnung))
The Exquisite Corpus by Peter Tscherkassky receives the Night Award (Section Short Films)

The Night Award honors films, which are able to balance ambiguity and complexity characterized by enigmatic mysteriousness and subtleness, which keeps mind and consider .....

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