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Titel:     1/57 Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test)
Director     Kurt Kren
  original titel:
1/57 Versuch mit synthetischem Ton
Year: 1957
Country: Austria
Length: 01:23 min
Premiere: no data
Medium: Film
Category: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig lang.: no dialogue
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1/57 Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test)
1/57 Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test)
The word test stands at the beginning of Kren´s Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test), which is really a kind of endurance test which Kren poses to the film material and to the eye. The film makes do with a minimum content in its images (a wall, a pan of a cactus) and models chronologically by using a strict, stanzaic montage arrangement, which is supposed, not to push the primary extension of these motivs into the imaginary realm of images, but just to leave them in their own "superficiality." The sound, which is directly engraved onto the material, corresponds to this principle, in that it allows only crackling and scratching noises to be audible, exposes itself in unmodeled raw sound and noise spaces.

(Michael Palm: "Which Way? Drei Pfade durchs Bild-Gebüsch von Kurt Kren," in: (ed.) H. Scheugl, Ex Underground Kurt Kren. Seine Filme, Vienna 1996)

Very early on he begins to systematically maintain a filmography. As of 1/57 Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test), consecutive numbers and production years become part of his film titles. In a rapid montage three images are juxtaposed and furnished with scratching noises directly drawn onto the film. Editing took place “in camera” during the shoot. Yet contrary to possible expectations, there never arises a disorganized series of images or an unplanned sequence. Everything is laid out ahead of time according to a written score – nothing is left to coincidence. The pages prepared for individual film projects have the appearance of a notation system, unsurpassable in its dramatic composition and intensity.

(Sigrid Sprung)

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