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Titel:     ViennaFilm 1896-1976
Regie     Ernst Schmidt jr.
  original titel:
Wienfilm 1896-1976
Jahr: von 1976 - 1977
Land: Austria
Länge: 117:00 min
Premiere: keine Angaben
Medientyp: Film
Kategorie: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig.Spr.: german
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Wienfilm 1896-1976
In the space of two hours, using all the means available to the modern "mise en scene," the complex "Vienna: civilisation and avantgarde" was broken up and put together again in a parody that is at once both harsh and delicate. The result is an anthology, an amusing picture-book with a confusing pagination (...) a collage as a masterly document of consciousness at the end of the seventies. (Karl Baratte-Dragano, "Galerie Spiegel" No. 29, March 1977)

One of the most consistent, most well-calculated avantgarde films of the new Viennese film-makers. Even somebody who watches this full length film only in view of the formal and technical possibilities and ideas used gets value for his money. (...) Adopting a resume style in the guise of aesthetic stories Ernst Schmidt jr. is giving a lesson in political history, from the perspective of momentary time i.e. at the time of shooting the material when live-action is tied up with newsreel sequences. (Siegmar Gassert, Basler Zeitung)

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