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Titel:     moon blink
Director     Rainer Kohlberger
  original titel:
moon blink
Year: 2015
Country: Austria
Length: 10:00 min
Premiere: /
Medium: Video
Category: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig lang.: no dialogue
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moon blink
Exclusively generated by code, moon blink is a video that highlights the unique aesthetic decisionism of its narrative model. Initially, it is the motion that is irritating. Although the undulating, disordered sequences of lines stabilize into strictly regulated, ascending patterns of movement in the form of thick white lines (and their shadows, comparable to Opus IV by Walter Ruttmann), the increasing acceleration divests the gaze of its certainty and ability to differentiate. It wobbles, like the black and white lines that resume their wave-like, and above all, out of focus appearance. This blurriness is apparently a prerequisite for an entirely new quality introduced by the grey mix rendered through rapidly moving lines. A kind of Situationspotential (Francois Jullien) is created in this phase, made possible by the operations of a self-renewing image situation, which creates new and unexpected potential – for example of colors and color values. The situation subsequently changes continuously, the geometry bends and becomes physical. The code seems to undermine its own parameters, permitting the emergence of an energy field that is no longer subject to mathematics but to physics. In a certain sense it disappears behind its statements. The work “quotes” the external world of early experimental film – the samples illustrated on the table ¬similar to the inner world of physical appearances – apparitions of color, fields of energy, light and sound noise. Then again and in other words, what we see is first and foremost the unfolding of mathematical driving forces conforming to patterns similar to natural logic. Kohlberger’s algorithmically generated and dynamic world loves demonstrating its infinite potential for mutation by way of graphically visual and acoustic excess, sensuous overspending and mental noise, just as much as it enjoys illustrating its aesthetic calculus and veiled order.
(Marc Ries)

Translation: Eve Heller

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