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Titel:     Onetwothree
Director     Ernst Schmidt jr.
  original titel:
Year: von 1965 - 1968
Country: Austria
Length: 10:00 min
Premiere: no data
Medium: Film
Category: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig lang.: not specified
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Onetwothree Actions: Otto Muehl, Günter Brus, Peter Weibel, Valie Export.
In three parts:
1. Der Lauf der Zeit (The Passage of Time; dedicated to Duccio Tessari).
2. Geheimnisse einer Seele (Secrets of a Soul; dedicated to Giuglio Questi).
3. Die Geburt Frankensteins (FrankensteinŽ s Birth; dedicated to Sergio Carbucci).
This film includes shots from Silberarsch (Silver Arse; the 16th material action by Otto Muehl, 1965), Bimmel-Bammel (Ding-Dong; MuehlŽ s 17th material action, 1965). Gehirnoperation (Brain Operation; MuehlŽ s 22nd material action, 1965, with Günter Brus) as well as Aus der Mappe der Hundigkeit (Out of the Folder of Dogginess) by Valie Export and Peter Weibl. Valie takes Weibel, who crawls on all fours, on a walk along the Kärntnerstraße in Vienna (February 1968), the film also includes a few cuts out of diverse amateur films, among others a film by Walter Funda on dog breeding. Wild montage, destruction through painting-over of the film.
(This film is part of SchmidtŽ s 20 Action and Destruction Films.)

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