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Titel:     trespass
Director     Paul Wenninger
  original titel:
Year: 2012
Country: Austria
Length: 11:00 min
Premiere: /
Medium: Video
Category: Short film
Orig lang.: no dialogue
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Director Paul Wenninger
Idea/Concept Paul Wenninger
Script Paul Wenninger
Cinematography Nik Hummer
Cinematography Paul Wenninger
Lighting Jerzy Palacz
Lighting Paul Wenninger
Actor/Actress Paul Wenninger
Participant Michael Dornhauser
Participant Rotraud Kern
Participant Sophie Pachner
Participant Catherine Diverrès
Music Nik Hummer
Music Michael Moser
Costumes Johanna Lakner
Production Manager Sophie Pachner
Production Manager Marie Tappero
Production Kabinett and Co
Production Gabriele Kranzelbinder
Production Paul Wenninger
Special Effects Nik Hummer
Sound Editing Nik Hummer
Supported by Basis.Kultur.Wien
Supported by Wien Kultur
Supported by SKE Fonds
Supported by Innovative Film Austria
Supported by Niederösterreich Kultur
Supported by Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel
Supported by Österreichisches Kulturforum Helsinki
Supported by Österreichisches Kulturforum Paris
Supported by 2. Bezirk Wien Leopoldstadt
Supported by 7. Bezirk Wien Neubau
Supported by 14. Bezirk Wien Penzing
Supported by 20. Bezirk Wien Brigittenau
2 D Animation Martin Musič
2 D Animation Peter Koger
Set Design Nik Hummer
Set Design Paul Wenninger
Image Editing Martin Musič
Soundstudio Christof Amann
Colour Correction Kurt Hennrich
Colour Correction 1z1 screenworks
in collaboration with Nik Hummer
Programming Nik Hummer
Programming Peter Koger
Programming Paul Wenninger
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