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Titel:     Red-white-red
Regie     Ernst Schmidt jr.
  original titel:
Jahr: 1967
Land: Austria
Länge: 01:00 min
Premiere: keine Angaben
Medientyp: Film
Kategorie: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig.Spr.: not specified
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The formal deconstruction of an Austrian tourist advertisement sign. The national colors red white and red have been removed, filmed separately. In the "white" area is the word "information." The sound is a montage made of parts of Filmreste (Film Remains) and is only audible when the "red" areas appear on the screen. This film echoes preceding films as well as the semantic meaning of the colors red-white-red and their "information"-value. (E.S.jr.)
(This film is part of SchmidtŽ s 20 Action and Destruction Films.)

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