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Titel:     Dernière
Director     Katherine Batliner
  original titel:
Year: 2007
Country: Austria
Length: 18:00 min
Premiere: 2007 / India
Medium: Film
Category: Short fiction
Orig lang.: no dialogue
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Dernière opens with the end credits and closes slowly moving into the black night sky: The film spins and turns the wheel of time. Still it does not follow any chronology or other formal and hence arbitrary structure, but its own inner rhythm. This rhythm apparently creates an arbitrary reverse motion, which is irregular and overlays its own track - like a spiral. The spiral of time that seizes the space. Space is the essence of the film, the source of inspiration, the forceful element that generates the impulse for the subject.

This introduction of the room consists of blurred, diffuse projection, leading the eye to the surface structure of the ruins, the materials, fabrics and colours before putting itself together fragmentarily; to then create figures strolling through the ruins lending presence to their history in small episodes. We return to the early days of the old halls as swimming bath, children hiding during war, the checkroom attendant impatiently waiting, balls and concerts bring both lightness and drama. In the staircase a poster announces: „Am Wasser. Strandredoute Sofiensäle" in an Art Deco font, a similar font is used for the title insert. The first letter of Dernière with a swan ornamentally woven inside it looks to the left and therefore backwards according to our usual perceptions. This gesture is continued by the doves that have flown out of the picture, the fleeing movements of the figures and their gazes. Everything is points back, out of the frame, to the Off, where the sound finishes the stories of the pieces of memory. Dernière is the celebratory ritual of ending, the grand finale. The fictional protagonists from the nineteenth Century stream into their loges, becoming witnesses of the last concert, the last dance. (Sylvia Szely)

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