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Titel:     Nachtstueck (Nocturne) (Mozart Minute 09)
Director     Peter Tscherkassky
  original titel:
Nachtstück (Mozart Minute 09)
Year: 2006
Country: Austria
Length: 01:00 min
Premiere: 2006 /
Medium: Film
Category: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig lang.: no dialogue
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Nachtstueck (Nocturne) (Mozart Minute 09)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, according to his biographers (and his letters confirm this fact), was an extremely sensuous person, and Nachtstueck (Nocturne) was intended to refer to this aspect of his personality: We glide into "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" a bit, then abandon standardized paths of conventional representational film and encounter a few seconds of passionate sensory filmæan example of something I would like to call "physical cinema." The thesis: Herr Mozart would have enjoyed it.

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