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Titel:     Learned Perfunctorily Movements
Director     Dóra Maurer
  original titel:
Angelernte unwillkürliche Bewegungen
Year: 1973
Country: Hungary
Length: 10:00 min
Premiere: 1973
Medium: Film
Category: Avantgarde/Arts
Orig lang.: Hungarian
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Learned Perfunctorily Movements
The small movements of a girl reading (in Hungarian from the book Merciless Love by Solonov) are watched precisely, noted and repeated.
In intervals, growing by 15 seconds each the whole event was filmed four times,
starting from the beginning each time. The original takes were repeated in four varia-tions,
in order to be able to compare the analogous sequences of move-ment in various ways.
(...) The film compares the quality of movements in the identical phases in 4 variations. It was partly made using the analogous film technique and I added audio material (an extract from a short story by Sergei Sergejev Censki) to the series of images, which was increasingly distorted due to being played through space multiple times.

(Dòra Maurer)

Dóra Maurer’s study on arranged automatism multiplies the movement process first through minimal alterations, then through superimposed layers of images: her film is a reflection on filmic time and space, aided by the tools of the ‘documentaristic’ approach.

(Stefan Grissemann)

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